Table Mountain Hiking Trails

Looking down on Smitswinkle Bay

Hoerkwaggo Trail – Cape Point

Table Mountain is a hikers paradise with over 250 km of generally well maintained paths. A word of warning however, that not all paths are clearly marked and unpredictable weather, including heat, cloud, mist and rain can make it a hazardous place if you don’t know where you are going. Always plan carefully, have someone in the party who knows the route, hike with a hiking club or employ a qualified mountain guide.

Make sure you have good hiking footwear and TAKE PLENTY OF WATER!!

Multi-day Trails

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There are three recognised multi-day trails within Table Mountain National Park, with some variations on each one.

Sunrise at the top of Table Mountain

Sunrise at Overseers Cottage

1.a. The Table Mountain Trail – Wake up on Table Mountain

1.b. The Table Mountain TrailKirstenbosch Excursion

2. The Hoerikwaggo Trail

3. The Cape Point Trail

Orangekloof Tented Camp - Hoerikwaggo Trail

Orangekloof Tented Camp – Hoerikwaggo Trail

For more information on the guided hiking trails, catering or logistical support please complete the TRAIL ENQUIRY FORM or e-mail


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